A Few Facts About Sunscreen ( To Help in Choosing "The Best Sunscreen" )

Sunscreen Facts:

  1. There is no proof that sunscreens alone can prevent most skin cancers.  Extensive research has been in recent years in an effort to gain definitive conclusions about preventing skin cancer by way of proper sun protection and unfortunately the research supports both sides of the coin.  For more information on these studies visit our friends at the EWG who have done a wonderful job in summarizing these studies.
  2. Sunscreens that boast high SPF numbers are bogus.  Researchers and qualified experts agree that an SPF of 50 is the cap for protection.  The FDA has proposed banning anything higher than 50 yet legislation for safety seems to crawl when big profits are involved.  Full story here
  3. Many sunscreens contain an ingredient that may accelerate skin cancer and your chances of getting it.  The Vitamin A derivative "Retinyl palmitate " is known throughout the skin care industry as it can actually combat wrinkles.  Unfortunately when used in sunscreens it becomes a danger.  
  4. European sunscreens are safer and more effective when protecting against UVA simply because they are more stringent when it comes to protecting people.  The fact that the US seems to put profit before people is nothing new and the FDA is not adequately funded. (According the responses I have received back from my Senators)
  5. Sunscreens often contain dangerous ingredients. Many sunscreens on the market contain ingredients that are known to interfere with hormones, cause severe allergies and get into the bloodstream.  Read more 


With the summer around the corner I know many of us will shopping for a sunscreen in the next few weeks and I will be posting more posts about safe sunscreens in the next several days.   I would love to hear from readers about their favorite sunscreen is :)

I want to thank the Environmental Working Group for their tireless advocacy and reporting which allowed me to share their facts with my readers.   

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