Are Topical Lip Plumping Treatments Worth It?

Yesterday I was reading an article in one of the beauty magazines and it was all about the 9 best lip plumping products.  I was very intrigued because the jury has not officially declared if lip products can magically plump your kisser so I started reading.  I had only gotten to the 2nd product listed when I decided to research some of the ingredients listed in the hopes to identify what was responsible for creating fuller lips. What is in lip plumping products

The product was a sweet clay plumping mask and it retailed for $32.00 for just under a half of an ounce.  The product grabbed my attention immediately upon seeing the 3rd ingredient listed was PETROLATUM which is not the safest choice for anything that is going near your mouth, in fact it is classified in Canada as a human health risk but unfortunately our FDA only limits it in foods.  The problem is that people lick their lips whether they realize or not which is why I was shocked to read it was a major ingredient in the sweet clay lip mask.  I kept reading to find that it also contains Saccharin which is also a long suspected carcinogen and Titanium Dioxide which is another that has various restricted uses.

Now my question is if you are sweetening the lip mask with a flavor(they only listed flavor) and saccharin you clearly anticipate people using it will be tasting it - so why are you formulating with toxins that are banned in food knowing that your customers will be tasting your product?  There are a slew of natural ingredients that you could have used - they may have cost a few pennies more but you would have a product that had more integrity.  

I am also disappointed in the beauty magazine because the article was pushing this product and made no reference to the questionable ingredients.  

Sorry for the rant but we are inundated with products that have significant health risks and it seems to be getting worse rather thank better.  It is definitely a buyer beware world out there...

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