Is Your Sunscreen Causing a Vitamin D Deficiency?

The answer is yes - sunscreen has been officially linked to the surge in Vitamin D deficiencies.

In recent years there has been a tremendous amount of research conducted on causes for the jump in Vitamin D deficiencies not only here in the US but in several other countries as well.  We first read about a possible connection about 2 years ago and since then more and more studies have confirmed that our sunscreen can undoubtedly contribute to a significant drop of Vitamin D in our bodies.  The sunscreens are formulated to basically completely block the sun from damaging our skin but we know now that we are also not able to absorb that essential and natural Vitamin D.  

Vitamin D is essential to the human body for cell growth modulation, neuromuscular and immune function and inflammation reduction and is actually considered a hormone rather than a vitamin.  Doctor's encourage the use of a quality sunscreen (check our best and worst list) to prevent some cancers but have concluded that spending 5-30 minutes in the 2x per week will naturally maintain healthy Vitamin D levels.  Some argue that taking a supplement will boost levels but scientists have proven that as the least effective method as absorption rates are not always guaranteed.  Doctor's usually check Vitamin D levels during yearly checkups yet if you suspect you are deficient (symptoms) schedule an appointment and speak to your physician.  

Here is another excellent article about boosting vitamin D levels as well as identifying common symptoms.


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