The Quick Guide on Applying Skin Care Products - What Goes First - Serum or Cream?

1.Serums (OIL AND WAX FREE )are always applied as a first step onto clean, dry and lightly exfoliated skin. If your serum contains oils, waxes or other fillers it will not work regardless of when you apply it as those ingredients offer no benefit and will actually compromise any active it may contain

2.Creams both oil free and essential oil based (if used) should be applied at step 2 after the serum is fully absorbed. ( A quality serum should not take longer than approximately 30-60 seconds)

3.Sunscreen it a barrier designed to protect from harmful cancer causing rays. If its blocking UV its blocking any products applied post sunscreen. Excellent quality skin care is formulated to absorbed into the matrix and NOT sit on the surface of dead cells on our bodies. Safe sunscreens will not jeopardize quality serum and creams, in fact all three items will be optimized for superior results when applied in step. Once more we cannot stress enough about knowing your ingredients and quality.

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