About Us

The Skin Science was not born because of a childhood dream or a corporate shift - it emerged from the unfair practices of companies who were selling skin care products that did not work and charged ridiculously high prices.  They were investing more in advertising a product than they were on developing formulas.  Products full of sketchy chemicals and synthetic ingredients many of which are known toxins - The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does very little to regulate the cosmetic industry and the only defense a consumer has is their own knowledge.  We didn't agree with this and began on our mission to bring back quality, nature and truth to the industry.

There's a science behind natural skin care and we know that the correct ingredients at the proven concentrations will give us the results that research labs have proven time and again.  This is what sets us apart and it is also why our products really work.  

All of our products are manufactured under the highest standards of quality control and are in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).  All of our products are formulated in a fully registered FDA facility that also holds certification for regulated Organic standards.  
Our products and their ingredients are never tested on animals.  We do enter into any business relationships with any entities that subscribe to practices involving inhumane treatment of animals.

We guarantee every product 100% and are dedication to your satisfaction.